Fox kills 10's of Thousands



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Fox "news" kills 10's of thousands of Americans with COVID LIES !

For many years Stephanie was a big believer in vaccines. "She made sure I took the flu shots, we took the shingles shot, we took the pneumonia shot,"

Stephanie began to get into astrology and tarot. She did readings.

Stephanie got into watching strange videos and sending them to the rest of the family. They covered a wide range of far-fetched conspiracy theories: JFK Jr. is still alive; reptilian aliens control the government.

Through her astrology, Stephanie had formed a spiritual group that met weekly at her house. And like Stephanie, other members of that group didn't believe the virus was real. It was "tribal": "reinforcing each other, and not getting outside opinions."

Stephanie refused to get vaccinated because she thought the shots contained tiny microchips.
Moreover, she began avoiding her daughters, who had gotten vaccinated, because she believed that vaccinated people could spread COVID.

Efforts to dissuade Stephanie from her beliefs were frequently met with outbursts of rage, her family says. "She was angry that we weren't listening to her and believing what she believed,"

"These kinds of people, don't want to feel like they're being manipulated,"
It's good to ask questions like: "Do you think it's possible that other people are profiting off of you?"

She caught COVID and refused to get tested. Instead, she ordered drugs from a "Natural Healer" in Florida. Two of the drugs were Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.

Even after she was admitted to hospital, she turned down some effective treatments like Remdesivir. But she believed conspiracy theories claiming the drug was actually being used to kill COVID patients.

Stephanie died and her family see her as a victim of Fox "news", Newsmax and OAN and the Grifters and Attention-Seekers who generate many hours of LIES to grab money, likes and shares.

the Kaiser Family Foundation:-- "more than 230,000 US Deaths could have been avoided if individuals had gotten vaccinated."

Who are FOX Advertisers?   Fox "news" gets about 65% of its revenue from Cable Providers.
Every Cable Subscriber pays Fox "news" about $20 per year, whether they watch the channel or not.

It's time to sue your Cable Provider for subsidizing Networks that kill people with lies !

Dangerous Right Wing TV kills ten's of Thousands of Americans - the video Proof 

bulletThe Founders wrote the CONSTITUTION  --- Not the Apostles
bulletThey added the BILL of RIGHTS  --- Not the Ten Commandments
bulletTheir intent was the FREEDOM of RELIGION --- Not CONTROL by RELIGION
bulletThey created a DEMOCRACY  --- Not a THEOCRACY
bulletCHRISTIANITY should not be a Political Party